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The centre for health and wellbeing

Sacha has been practising alternative therapies for over 20 years continually updating her skills. Dedicated to helping people improve their lives health and relationships.

Seichem and Reiki Master
Moving energy through your Chakra energy centres which correspond to specific organs glands and body functions to unblock heal and re-energise them. Rebalancing your mind and body.

Clear and Raise the Energy of Your Home
For any time you need a lift generating new beginnings before bringing a new baby home a marriage or moving into a new home.

The energy of your home can become stagnant after illness death arguments divorce entities previous owners energy or incidents which can be held in the fabric of your house which can leave you feeling depleted uncomfortable or anxious.

For many cultures its unthinkable to move into a new home before its been cleared and blessed.

Neutralise Geopathic Stress natural distorted energies coming up from the earth can dramatically affect your health.

Dispel negative energies for a clear and positive space to move forward.

Massage – Aromatherapy Hot Stone Deep Tissue
Feel re-energised with a deep feeling of relaxation. Detoxify your body destress your mind and revitalise your skin and circulation.

Quantum Keys of Heaven
Consciousness work using muscle testing to access information in your subconscious to help unlock and clear blocks to emotional issues repetitive patterns of behaviour or fears holding you back in life.

This is Your Time.