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You have an amazing body (and mind)… with the incredible natural power to get better from illness. Sometimes though, you need a bit of extra support to get yourself back to your ideal health/weight or state of mind.

As a qualified homeopath, I use safe medicines, tried and tested for over 200 years to gently restore you to the best you can be (often much better than you or conventional doctors would dare to hope).

Using a holistic approach, I will support this natural healing process with nutritional supplements, naturopathy, flower remedies, and/or life coaching /counselling whenever these are indicated as being helpful to restore you to your healthiest state.

Whether your illness was caused by outside stressors such as work or relationships, or by your natural inherited disposition, with it’s particular (genetic ) susceptibilities to specific illnesses – I will work with your body (and mind) to restore your health naturally to the best it can be.