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Muscle testing kinesiology (pronounced KINEASY- OLOGY) is the science of muscle testing in relation to all body functions.

Kinesiology is a truly holistic therapy, treating the person as a whole, working with the mind and the emotions as well as the body to improve a persons well-being. It can help with a wide variety of health problems that affect the body’s mental, chemical, structural and electromagnetic systems. It can improve co-ordination, reading, writing, sports performance and artistic skills.

It is a touch therapy that links traditional Chinese acupuncture, meridians and energy balancing with western muscle testing. The idea is to bring about balance in the body by releasing energy blocks, eliminating toxins, reducing tension and enhancing the body’s natural healing ability.

Muscle testing may also be used with regard to assessing food sensitivity and helping to relieve digestive discomfort. It is not intended for clinical diagnosis in that it cannot indicate the difference between a true food allergy or an intolerance but it may provide a useful indicator of which foods are causing a negative impact on the body’s overall energy system, without having to do expensive blood tests.

It may also show where the body needs extra support in terms of the varioussystems in the body for example the digestive or immune system. Nutritional deficiencies may be revealed and supplement support programme may be checked.