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Quantumwave Laser Therapy

Quantumwave Laser Therapy uses the world’s newest cold laser technology. With state of the art Quantum scalar waves address every facet of stress, health, pain relief and rejuvenation.

Quantumwave Laser Therapy benefits:

• Pain relief • Glandular rejuvenation
• Healing injuries • Lymph activation
• Anti-ageing • Chakra balancing
• Weight loss • Nerve regeneration
• Immune enhancement • Laser acupuncture
• Organ balancing • Laser facelift

What makes the QuantumWave Lasers unique?
All low level lasers donate energy to rejuvenate the cell. What makes Quantum Lasers truly unique is the ability to clear the cell memory. Cell memory is the stress or tension pattern underneath all injury and dis-ease. The technology activates scalar waves which neutralise all polarity and shift the cell memory.

This cold laser approach can be applied to any injuries, stress, tension, dis-ease, or to activate the key body systems such as the glands, organs, chakras, meridians or any of the cells which make up the body.